About MedTrans

MedTrans, has launched a medical translation platform for the science community. Our translation services support medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises. Protheragen welcomes worldwide collaboration and takes pride in our professional dedication. We have comprehensive capabilities to provide a broad and integrated portfolio of medical and scientific solutions.

Our Team

MedTrans is flourishing with the help of many scientists in the company. More than 90% of the company's translators have a master's degree or higher. There are also hundreds of translation experts, professors, PhDs, and experts from well-known medical and pharmaceutical colleges and research institutes. Our company gathers professional translators in the pharmaceutical industry to engage in professional translation services in medical-related fields, covering basic medicine and clinical science, biopharmaceuticals and biotechnology, new drug approval documents, and medical devices, as well as cosmetics, food safety, food sanitation and other fields. We can provide professional English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Korean and other dozens of language translation services.