Machine Writing

AI-written content has expanded beyond formulaic writing to more creative writing endeavors. Natural language processing can make data more insightful and easier to understand for humans who are not data experts. While charts and graphs are visually appealing, it may be challenging for manual writing to extract the critical message. Natural language generation (NLG) can further engage the reader who is looking at the information with written summaries and key insights to accompany the charts. Artificial intelligence helps create text summarizations, short and coherent versions of longer documents. This requires the algorithm to understand the source document and then distill the meaning and important details in a fluent summary.

MedTrans provides intelligent machine writing solutions. Its essence is still the modern developed network and data information processing technology. Our AI machine writing solutions comprehensively help medical writers optimize the management process, improve document writing speed, and control the final quality. It can also retrieve relevant data throughout the network and summarize them into a drug research and development report. After filtering data, it can generate text or written narrative according to the preset template, including abstract, datasheet, subtitle, conclusion, etc.

Application Scenarios

  • nomain-Writing-pic1

    Medication Instructions

  • nomain-Writing-pic2

    Medical Device Instructions

  • nomain-Writing-pic3

    Medical Records

  • nomain-Writing-pic4

    Investigation Report

  • nomain-Writing-pic5

    Case Study

  • nomain-Writing-pic6

    Clinical Trial Results

  • nomain-Writing-pic7

    Local Regulations

  • nomain-Writing-pic8

    Medical Training Materials

  • nomain-Writing-pic9

    Health Warnings

  • nomain-Writing-pic10

    Health Recommendations

Machine Writing System

Basic Capabilities

Define what format of content is desired. Each content type has a unique writing style and structure. The template or narrative type is constructed by the end-user, as well as the NLG solution. The output sounds like a human-generated each piece of professional content. Support several formats to generate summary reports.

Perfect Experience

Medical translation is more difficult than that in common fields, since the higher requirements for terminology and conditional logic. We train AI with a robust corpus and termbase. In the process of writing, words are identified and segmented according to the context. Knowledge graph was introduced to provide relevant content information for users.

Post Editing

Our content format checking and intelligent error correction system is an intelligent tool developed based on natural language processing technology to check and repair various format problems, such as word / PDF / ppt. It acts in accordance with the global file format specifications, such as ICH / FDA. End-users can customize their own checklist. Collaborative writing review system supports multiple online editors at the same time. All changes and comments will be kept in the tracking system.

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Online Inquiry

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