Medical Publishing Translation

Scientific publishing continually evolves as discoveries, technical advances, vendors, and data become known. Translating academic content requires in-depth knowledge of the subject material plus fluency in the source and target languages. MedTrans understands the specific demands for medical translation services and provides exponential growth in industry first-class news article translations, literary translation, publishing translation and many more. We have perfected efficient translating methods by working with prestigious organizations and experts, with large and small volumes, under tight deadlines and provided successful results.

Our Translation Services

Our word-perfect language solutions ensure your message is retained when disseminated in different languages worldwide.

titleMedical Publishing Translations

Our translators have translated a variety of publications from English into European, Asian and South American languages and from those languages into English. MedTrans can help online newspapers, magazines, newsletters, blogs, and journals to expand their English and non-English audiences.

Translation Skills

Professionally handle technical aspects of the content.
An intuitive feel for the context.
Grasp the gist of the text.
Managing the complexity of expressions.
Replicate subtle distinctions faithfully.

titleProfessional Book Translations

Successful book translations require precision and appreciation. Our professional translators include linguists with training in most branches of medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology. Our services combine accuracy and consistency to give you the perfect opportunity to sell your translated book on international platforms.

Content We Translate:

  • Academic Books
  • Textbooks and Training Manuals
  • Medical Books
  • Guide Books
  • Directories
  • Indexes
  • References
  • and more.

Our Advantages

  • ISO-Certified-Quality

    ISO-Certified Quality

  • Accuracy and Consistency

    Accuracy and Consistency

  • Meeting Deadlines & Rush Service

    Meeting Deadlines & Rush Service

Our Quality Management System

ISO 17100:2015 translation process

MedTrans can provide translation in nearly any language and accept all file types and deliver ready-to-publish files where required. We’ve supported hundreds of publishing clients with best-in-class technology and translation services for several years. You can get the best translation quote for your translation project right now.

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