Medical Website Translation

Why do we need to translate a website into different languages? A professional website translation is a necessary step to properly represent your brand internationally. It lets you reach thousands of new visitors and potential clients online, and ensure a good browsing experience for your foreign visitors. Thus gain market share in your industry at a limited cost. According to market research studies, it's limiting for any business to focus on English-speaking customers exclusively. Most internet users will not purchase a product if they cannot first read about it in their native tongue. They think that localized product information is a more important factor than price. Website translation involves converting content into a different language through the simple substitution of words, while website localization is the process of adapting the language, appearance and functionality of a website for foreign language markets. Our qualified translation services carry out the translation process based on your needs and convenience.

Work Flow

Estimate word counts, costs and turnaround times.
Develop term glossary.
Establish proper guidelines.
Translate contents in original or text format (such as HTML, PHP, XML, Word, Excel, or any other format).
Insert translations within a CMS (WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop, etc.) via API or your accessible system if possible.
Store all translated content.
Linguistic and functional quality assurance (QA).

Professional website translation services can be cost-effective, especially for the medical and life science business. MedTrans offers several options to accommodate your project's scope and budget. Besides, our solution automatically detects new content on your origin website and assigns it for immediate translation on your localized versions.

▪ Our Translation and Localization Strategies:
  • Extensive IT support

    Extensive IT support

  • Professional human translation

    Professional human translation

  • Translation API Development

    Translation API Development

▪ Our Comprehensive and Industry-Leading Translation Management
  • Translation management system (TMS)

    Translation management system (TMS)

  • Localization project management

    Localization project management

MedTrans provides website translation and localization services, making your business entering international markets easily, quickly, and at scale. Our services are trusted by global companies. We can translate your web pages into the languages ​​of your choice and offer flexible solutions for the translation of your web content.

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